Friday, December 30, 2011

Gotta Get that Pedaling Thing Down Pat

December continues to offer us mild weather days, and we have taken every opportunity to get outside on our bikes whenever our schedule allows us! As today's temperatures approached 50 degrees, we decided to let Katie try out her new Raleigh bicycle she got for Christmas.

Katie posed with Dave before our ride in the photo above.

What we thought would be easy and exciting didn't turn out to be that way. We had plans to meet up with family later in the afternoon at an Italian restaurant in Rhode Island, so we figured the bicycle path in Cranston would be a great place to squeeze in a quick ride beforehand. The bikes were loaded into our minivan, and we all piled in with excited anticipation.

As we started off on the path, Katie had difficulty with pushing off to pedal. She claimed her knees came up too high when she went to pedal, so David raised her seat. Then she had troubles because she could only reach the ground on her tippy-toes. Her biggest overall challenge was in pushing off to start pedaling. It simply felt too different compared to her old bicycle.

Then, once she finally got going, she needed to stop because... she needed David's handkerchief to blow her nose. Then she needed a drink. And we hadn't even gone a mile yet.

Finally after pedaling away from our parking area, we decided to turn around. On the return ride, heading back towards our vehicle, Katie got the knack of it, and she went a good distance!

Off ahead of us, she successfully rode quite a ways going back to the minivan.
Katie and I stop for a photo as we neared the end of our ride.

We gave Katie a break, and we went out to lunch, enjoying wonderful pasta and great conversation!  The bike riding thing will get another chance.

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