Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Bicycle Art Found with a Change of Plans

There was no cycling for us on Saturday. It snowed!

 Our daffodils were not very happy. 

~ Plan B ~

We decided to make the best of it. We went shopping. 

TJ Maxx in Warwick has a fantastic HomeGoods store. And look what we found! It's a large canvas wall art piece featuring a bicycle. Just our style! It will be hung on our living room wall just in time for a family gathering this Sunday for Easter.

After that, we planned an afternoon for my 8-year-old daughter and her best friend to enjoy an activity with us! We went roller skating!! Then, it was pizza time!
On Sunday David and I were able to get out on our tandem bicycle for 26 miles, even though it was damp and cold. At least it wasn't raining or snowing, and we had a chance to get in some pedaling. We're hoping for brightness and warmth as the Spring season progresses.

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