Monday, December 12, 2011

Reaching Milestones and Recognizing Amazing Cyclists

What a fantastic weekend of good friends and great cycling too!

On Saturday, we weren't able to join the Thread City Cyclists morning ride due to other commitments, but Dave and I did manage to squeeze in a 20 mile tandem ride on our own from our home before dark. The temperature was in the low 40's and the wind wasn't too bad. It felt good to get in the exercise.

The evening's highlight was TCC's Annual Christmas Party. We were excited to go, because for the last couple of years we had conflicts, and we weren't able to attend. It was held at a fire station, and the event had a good showing of members.

One nice thing is that this is the end of our second year with TCC and by now we have ridden with a majority of members at one time or another. Plus, there have been other club sponsored activities where we've been able to mix with some of other members in various capacities. One of the most positive aspects of being involved with a bicycle club is the way social connections are formed. The mix of people and professions makes for interesting conversation and healthy interaction with people you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. There were a whole lot of familiar faces at the gathering!

Pizza was delicious, and there were plenty of gluten-free options for those bothered by wheat. Cake, cookies, and brownies were offered for desserts.

An entertaining slideshow highlighting activities and people of interest throughout 2011 was put on, with awards given. We were glad that the club's regular tandem riders were acknowledged: Dave and I, Glen and Sue, Joe and Lisa!! It's growing in popularity, and we think that's a very positive thing.

We were given special recognition with the Two's Company Award!!
Granted, they failed to realize that my last name is now Etchells, but a new certificate is in the making.  : )

Sunday morning brought us colder temperatures, low 30's! But the sun was shining and we were excited that Judy Borrman was leading a 40-something mile ride. Seven cyclists with six bicycles met up at a shopping center parking lot in Manchester, Connecticut.

Some of us were working towards mileage goals for the year. Judy reached 6,000 total miles at the 25 mile mark of this ride, and Dave & I met our goal of 3,000 tandem miles at mile 35. 

Karen & Dave and Steve & Judy celebrating MILEstones in attaining our mileage goals for the year!

Judy is an absolute inspiration! Not only in reaching 6,000 miles for this season, but she and her husband, Steve, have completed 21 cycling centuries this year!! Amazing.

Another club member who stands out with high mileage numbers is Dave Waldburger. He commutes to work each day, and he has tallied a total of 7,500 miles for 2011! Wow.

David Waldburger with Steve Shongut and Walter Treschuk

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