Monday, March 26, 2012

Balance and Moderation

This past weekend was a tough one for us when it came to getting on the bicycle. David was not feeling well, and he decided to pull out from Saturday's criterium race. For a change of pace, we ventured over to Talcott Mountain State Park. We hiked to the top for a view. I bet it's breathtaking in the Fall with Autumn colors! I found that hiking the steep uphill winded me. I needed my inhaler, and that didn't feel good. To top it off, as soon as I stepped on the trail, my allergies stirred up -- my eyes were itchy and watery. I had a terrible time of it, and I could hardly wait to get back into the van so I could blow my runny nose.
Our view on Saturday (3/24/12) from a climb to Heublein Tower
at Talcott Mountain state Park in Simsbury, CT

We had a better afternoon. We took a shortened version of a tandem ride we had already planned, and that felt good. Then, we picked up my daughter and her best friend, and we brought them over to a local farm stand that was offering free ice cream sundaes to celebrate their season opening. The ice cream was homemade -- tasty and delicious, and the girls were lots of fun! However, it was windy and cold outside, and that was where we had to sit to eat our sundaes because the place was too busy inside! Needless to say, we ate quickly.

After that, we drove to visit with my elderly grandfather in Rhode Island. That was the greatest part of our day's activities. He thoroughly enjoyed our company, and he was especially entertained by my daughter's viewpoint of other kids her age. Her animated story-telling skills made him smile. We read him his mail (because he can not see very well), and I left with him a homemade meal and a few cider donuts we picked up earlier from the farm stand.

Sunday turned out to be another cool, dreary day with the threat of rain. We decided to catch up on our growing list of household to-do's. David's enthusiasm for tackling each item on the list impressed me! We made terrific progress and later on took in an afternoon movie at the theater.

I must say that I am so grateful for the wonderful husband I have!
Of all the options we had to see different movies -- and even though The Hunger Games was pulling in huge crowds, David agreed to see a movie of my liking: The Vow. I loved it.  : )

Later on in the day, we got a Red Box movie rental that David picked: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
We snuggled, and I fell asleep in his arms.

Sure, it was unusual for us, but we did not ride on Sunday. We took a break and welcomed other activities. It's good to bring a sense of balance into our lives.

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