Monday, April 9, 2012

Cycling to Work has Many Benefits

Gas prices are skyrocketing. The average price of gas in Connecticut shot up 6 cents in just a week's time, to $4.13 a gallon.

What a great incentive to ride your bicycle to work! But if gas prices alone aren't enough to prompt you to start peddling, consider that May 14th to the 18th is Bike to Work Week! And the national bike to work day is Friday, May 18th.

I've often thought about how great it would be to bicycle to work every day (or at least every day that the weather was dry and between 40 and 90 degrees in temperature), but the thought of arriving at work sweaty with helmet hair has somewhat crushed my enthusiasm.

How would I clean up and transform myself into a polished professional?

Here are some possible strategies I've found to deal with the after-ride cleanup:
  • One idea is to drive to work once a week with what you'll need to wear for the next few days. Store  clothing and shoes in your desk or a cabinet if available. 
  • Arrive early enough to give yourself enough time to wash and change. Bring a wash cloth in a plastic bag so that it can be safely stored after use. Baby wipes are another option. Deodorant/antiperspirant can be kept in a desk drawer too.
  • Arrangements would also need to be made with management on where to store the bicycle during the work day. I'm sure having a cycling-friendly boss would help a lot!
While I am currently working at home, I would encourage daily commuting by bicycle for anyone with suitable circumstances. Not only for the increase in physical fitness and the natural endorphin boost that will have you feeling positive and upbeat throughout the day -- but cycling gives also you time to sort through your thoughts. That makes for a clear mind AND a healthy body!


  1. I started riding to work last year during bike to work week. The timing was fortuitous, as I had just got my new folding bike. I live a long way from work, so riding the whole way simply isn't a possibility. And besides saving money on gas, the bike folds under by desk, which means no worries about leaving it outside during the day.

  2. Great idea! I've never experienced riding on a folding bicycle.
    ~ Karen