Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Racing Buddies Reunite!

Dave and Chris, during the Saturday morning ride
As we age, a look back to our younger years ~ when pressures of work and responsibilities weren't at the forefront of our minds ~ takes on the sweet, golden glow of nostalgia.

My husband, David, speaks fondly of his teenage years when he hopped on a bicycle with a carefree attitude, and he pedaled for miles upon miles effortlessly. He took part in bicycle races and he participated in group training rides led by Ron Manizza, who owned Rainbow Cycles in Willimantic at the time.

Dave enjoyed the comradery that existed among fellow team members. So when news hit town that a former fellow rider, Chris Lacey, was returning to Connecticut for a family visit, a cycling reunion took place. Ron invited Dave and I to meet up at his home an hour before our regular Saturday morning group rides held by the Thread City Cyclists. It was great for Dave and Ron to catch up with Chris, sharing stories about life adventures. And then, Chris joined our ride!

Dave Etchells, Chris Lacey, and Ron Manizza

It's funny how some tendencies stick with us. Dave laughed aloud as Chris bunny-hopped over railroad tracks and speed bumps, just as he remembered him doing as a kid!

It was a great 42 mile ride on a sunny weekend morning, and a whole lot of fun for the guys to get together again!

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