Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anxiety on My Own

I don't know why it is, but I experience a tinge of anxiety when it comes to planning a bicycle ride out and about on the hills of Sterling when I am on my own. David is working and unavailable to ride with me.

I have a great single bicycle, and I love it. But I have to admit, I love being on the tandem more!

Before David left for work, he had me pump air into the tires. A simple thing for most, but it's something I've always relied on David to do. He showed me how the tires on my two bikes are different and use opposite ends of the pump nozzle. And they are also different when it comes to how much air I should pump into each.

I discovered too, that I don't have great upper arm strength. Of all the exercises I prefer to do -- elliptical machine, brisk walking, treadmill, or cycling -- none of those do anything for my arms. I do have a couple of workouts on DVD. I suppose it's time to admit, I should do those more often. The simple motions of pumping air into my bicycle tires made my arms ache. Geez!!

Once I am ready to leave my driveway, I feel a sense of trepidation. I worry about what-ifs. What if I get a flat? What if I can't make it up a big, big hill? What if I have an accident and fly head first over my handlebars? What if... no one is around to rescue me???

My view on the bicycle on today's ride.
 I don't know... The benefits far outweigh the risks.

It's the wind in my face, the fresh air, and the time to allow myself self-reflection that motivates me. Not to mention, the calories burned. To top it off, the way I feel so great after a ride is really the payoff. I will do it again whenever I can!

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