Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Ready for a Big Weekend!

It's a rainy but mild day in Connecticut. Temperatures should reach 50 degrees. Tomorrow is set to be somewhat colder, but sunny. Dave and I are happily anticipating the weekend ahead. This will be my second century ride. I hopeful that we can make the entire distance!

Our rear tire has been replaced. The old one was toast. Dave gave the tandem a detailed inspection and a good wipe-down to combat some of the muddy splashes that had accumulated in its crevices. We have the van preloaded so we'll be ready to roll!

We are looking forward to cycling in a new environment. The course will be a rolling figure 8 loop through Saratoga County and will take us along the Hudson River and around Saratoga Lake. We've been told that this part of New York is very pretty ~ although that is during the warmer months!

We're also excited to meet new friends. We've tapped into the website again (the last time was in September for our California honeymoon!), and we've had nothing but positive experiences! Our hosts for this weekend seem to be very pleasant and most certainly gracious to open their home to us.

We've also had a couple of conversations with John Ceceri from Adirondack Ultra Cycling, who is the organizer for the Snowball Express ride. He has been extremely helpful with information he has shared about the event, as well as the surrounding area. The Adirondack Ultra Challenge series fills in the months between other Adirondack Ultra Cycling events with centuries, so that a cyclist can accomplish the goal of riding a century every month for an entire year.

With this year's mild winter enabling us to continue riding on the road without any lengthy interruptions, we've decided to focus on improving our overall fitness and riding skills, and setting goals is exactly our strategy! Dave has been exploring the possibility of getting into bicycle racing again. I want to be be more fit and lose weight for an overall sense of well-being. We're prepared to take on each challenge and enjoy the journey and new adventures along the way!

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  1. So...inquiring minds want to was your century ride? :)