Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Looking Beyond Limitations

Last night David and I went to a spin class at the gym, and we shared our plans to do a century ride (100 miles) this Saturday in New York. The collective reaction of our friends was astonishment!

Here we are after finishing our first ever century ride, in 2010!
It's funny. If anyone had asked me (even a few months ago) if I could see myself doing a century ride in the month of February, I'm pretty sure my answer would have been, "No way!"

I think back in time to 1999 when I had just moved to a rural area of Johnston, Rhode Island from a more city-like neighborhood. I'd often see groups of cyclists ride by my home in sweeping blurs of spandex colors. I remember watching in amazement. I was in an unhappy marriage, raising four kids, working long hours, and not nearly as active as I am today. If anyone asked me back then if I could ever see myself as one among those riders, my reply would have most certainly been, "No way!" as well.

But here I am now, in a place and time that has turned so positive. I am grateful.

I am in a close and loving relationship with a man I adore. We have a good home and wonderful family. Life has thrown a lot at us, with a health scare, financial stresses, and a horrible loss with the death of my oldest son. But, we've been there for each other as we seek out to gather strength in the lessons of it all.

David's support and encouragement has been steadfast, and it has shown me that there is much ahead for us -- much of which is beyond what we ever could have imagined for ourselves!

Case in point, earlier this year -- with lots of hope, pure desire, meticulous planning, and incredibly generous family and friends -- we were able to have the cycling honeymoon of our dreams in San Francisco!

And somehow in our lives today, we are losing those extra pounds, eating healthier, exercising and accomplishing goals we've set. We're feeling more energetic and positive, and we are loving this life.

The road ahead is unknown, but it is sure to be an adventure. We're up for it.
After all, I'm a stoker who has great trust in her captain!

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