Friday, January 13, 2012

Karate for Kids / Spin Classes for Adults!

Both Dave and I both signed up for Midtown Fitness' Biggest Loser Contest on Thursday. We are number 66 and 67 of over 100 participants! Dave ate up all afternoon to start off at his maximum weight for the week. I had already been monitoring my food and activity, so my attitude was, 'I weigh whatever I weigh'... I did not want an extra pound on me -- not even to have any kind of an edge for a contest.

After our registration and weigh-in, we hurried over to another gym in the area that put out a great offer. My daughter, Katie, who is 7 years old, has expressed an interest in taking karate classes. The gym we checked out offers karate classes for kids and allows parents to workout while the kids are in class. I love that idea! I have spent countless hours waiting for my kids in their activities, and if I could make that into productive time for me -- what a fantastic way to multitask!

However, the gym atmosphere there was not what we expected. It was in an old farm building and... well, you can let your imagination run with it, and you'd probably be pretty close to reality. The karate class with the nifty introductory offer had only two other students that evening -- and there weren't any other kids in the class. We watched Katie interact with the instructer for a while. After seeing that she was doing well, Dave and I hopped onto a couple of treadmills for a quick workout.

Afterwards, in the car, Dave suggested that we return to the Midtown Fitness facility. When we were signing up for the contest earlier, we saw that they had a very busy martial arts class going on. We also saw a flyer there about a spin class specifically designed for cyclists. That was intriguing.

Upon our return, we had an opportunity to speak with the karate instructor at length, and we also met up with the instructor for the specialized spin class. Both impressed us!

The philosophy of the martial arts classes there is based upon respect, and the methods utilized are designed to instill not just smarts about self-defense, but confidence. Katie was signed up, and she had her first introductory class for karate scheduled for the following day.

Dave and I were given a look at the spin room and the bikes. We were also invited to join a Saturday group ride on the road that wasn't too far from our home.

What a great group of people! It was very much worth our time to check out Midtown Fitness further.

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  1. I would not be able to fit any exercise into my schedule if not for multi-tasking. I've gone a little different route though, with the bike commute. After dropping my kids off at school, I park at a public lot nearby, and take my folding bike out of the trunk. Then I just ride in from there. It doesn't really take much longer, and I don't have to look for parking either, which is great. I get the ride back to the car too at the end of the day too, both to exercise and de-stress. I really love not having to plan extra time for exercise.