Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Serious About Weight Loss

This weekend has been another two wonderful days! It's January and yesterday's temperatures reached into the mid-50's. Today was 40-something. Both days bathed us with glorious sunshine.

Yesterday we joined a group ride and it was amazing to see 18 riders show up -- including one other tandem! The ride was 30 miles with a lot of climbing. Today, Dave and I rode on our own for 41 miles.We have done 98 miles in a week!

I lost two pounds overnight from Saturday's ride. Dave and I are still not quite over the nasty virus that's been going around, and I was feeling slightly nauseous. David was still suffering with a terrible cough. In spite of that, we rode strong. But we chose not to eat at the rest stop. (That is unusual for us.) Afterwards, we split a Subway sandwich. A small dinner of leftovers, and that was it for the day.

I want to get serious about my weight loss. Today, I decided to join My Fitness Pal online. I know that keeping track of what I eat and my exercise level will help.  My progress will be posted on this blog in the sidebar on the right.

I also decided to go ahead with the local Biggest Loser Contest. Even though the first weigh-in isn't until January 12th, I am getting serious with my journey now.

David has been encouraging, and he is trying to convince me that I can eventually run with him. I want to, but I have doubts about my abilities. I'm a fast walker (a skill acquired years ago when I used to be a City Letter Carrier with the USPS), but I quickly get breathless when I attempt to run. I need to keep in mind that when I first tried bicycling on the roads of Eastern Connecticut, the hills killed me, and I whined about it because I wasn't able to breathe. I can now. We both believe incorporating running into our activities will shed the pounds.

David is looking great, but he has a desire to lose more weight because he is hoping to race on his bicycle again. I know how good it feels to weigh less, and I want to be truly healthy. I know we can do this, and of course, I know we will support each other!


  1. David and Karen - you can do it - and if you want a good clean source of Lean protein that will help rebuild muscle tissue after your rides with few calories - check out what I've used to help me lose over 150 lbs!

  2. I've been more-or-less following the Primal Blueprint diet (, and I've lost ~45 pounds in the past year. It's basically a Paleo-like low-carb, no grain, no refined sugar diet. I've found I must bump up the carbs a bit when I go for a long bike ride, but dried fruit (especially dates) seem to work for me.

    Good luck with your goals!