Thursday, January 12, 2012

Setting Goals

Today I will join the local Biggest Loser Contest. It's weigh-in time.

However, it was last week when I set it in my mind that I was going to commit myself to losing weight. As of today, I'm down 3 pounds since last week, so those three pounds won't be reflected on my starting point for the contest. But it's not about the contest, it's about attaining my goal. Being involved in the contest is simply to keep me motivated.

Second item on my list to keep me motivated is recording my food intake and exercise. I'm doing this through My Fitness Pal online. I highly recommend this site to anyone on a mission to lose weight. If you are using the site and you would like to friend me for mutual support, go to Find Members and my username is KMEtchells. I need all the support I can get!

Lastly, David and I are going to schedule out spin classes and important cycling events on a calendar. I'm looking into taking group fitness classes during the week, maybe zumba or yoga. David is interested in participating in a few road races this year. Together on the tandem, we will decide upon a century (or two!) and possibly a couple of fundraiser rides. If I am able to increase my fitness level as much as I hope, there could also be a 5K road race in the mix! (That is a highly optimistic goal for me!)

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