Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Our Weight Loss Progress

David and I have been super-focused on weight loss these days. I've been using MyFitnessPal online and recording everything I put in my mouth and everything I do for exercise. At the same time, we seem to have relapsed with the colds we've been coping with. I've been feeling run down, but still trying to ensure I workout in some manner two times a day.

I must admit to having a 3-day period of time when I put the diet on "pause". It was my daughter's 8th birthday last weekend, and I had a big day planned for her. I was bummed because it snowed ~ about 6 inches worth. Not only did that mean we were not going to be able to get our tandem on the road, but I was concerned that many of Katie's friends who RSVP-ed to attend, might not.

 As it turned out, we had five out of ten children who came in spite of the winter weather. We started the celebration at The Trampoline Place in Plainfield. We continued it as a sleepover at our home. I thought all that bouncing would tire them out, but... Wow! Even with only five girls, the stress of planning activities, keeping them on track, and hoping everything would go off smoothly had an effect on me! I ended up eating some of the food bought just for the kids ~ pizza, chips, cheese doodles and punch... and even cake!

It left me feeling disgusted with myself. The girls were active and chatty and awake until almost 1 am, and so not only was I disgusted about my eating, but exhausted that night AND the next day!

I can honestly say I was glad to have had this celebration for my daughter. She will cherish the childhood memories. But I absolutely needed a day of recovery (I did not exercise on the snow day or the following day.) to catch up on rest. I realized that I needed to better focus on my health, and get back on track with making efforts towards better eating.

Katie went to her father's house the following day, and I sent all of the leftover birthday cake with her. We got rid of the leftover pizza, punch, and chips too. And, both David and I saw the doctor this week to help us to shake the cough and fatigue.

Time off resulted in my gaining back the three pounds I had lost. (It came back on very quickly!) Now, even with three consecutive days of extra exercise and careful monitoring of my calorie and fat intake, the scale has not budged. I suppose it's not the best idea to be hopping on the scale every single day, but I would have been excited to see that my efforts were making even a slight difference.

On the other hand, David has been doing extremely well. He is steadily progressing in the right direction. He seriously has the desire to win The Biggest Loser Contest! He's committed, and he just might have a chance to beat out a lot of the competition! I am most certainly hopeful for myself, but I am wholeheartedly cheering him on!!

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  1. Good luck guys. Must be hard working out twice a day and raising kids.. Don't be to hard on yourself Karen. And be careful on overdoing it. The exercise i mean