Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick Days... and Feeling Fat

Ugh. I've been sick.

Yesterday was the worst. I was achy and congested, with a sinus headache and sore joints. David has been up all night coughing for days in a row. Even though I'm not coughing, when he gets up with the hacking in the middle of the night, it wakes me up. That makes us both sleep deprived too.

Today has been better than yesterday. Not that I've felt well by any means, but better. Now I'm also feeling sluggish from a lack of exercise for past three days. As I was paging through an issue of an advertising publication that arrived in our mailbox this week, I noticed that there are lots of ads for town recreational programs and gyms -- obviously targeted to all of us with New Years resolutions.

We have a gym membership that is expiring this month. The gym is close to my former place of employment, and that is 45 minutes west of our home. With the relatively mild winter (so far) and facing a good amount of driving, we've cycled or walked outside and haven't taken full advantage of that membership in a while.

So, I've been considering options for winter exercise closer to home. Costs, scheduling, etc.

There's something else I'm considering too. One of the gyms closer to where we live is offering a Biggest Loser Contest. There is an entry fee and weigh-ins, but you don't need to be a gym member to participate. Half of the entry fee will be divided between the winners, and the other half will be donated to two local charities. The contest also awards prizes provided by local sponsors to the man or woman who loses the greatest percentage of body weight.

The first year I started cycling seriously with David, I lost about 40 pounds. But then, I had a health crisis and got a desk job, and much of the weight returned. I figured if I rode enough miles, it would naturally go down again, but it hasn't happened. My doctor says I'm getting older, and that it will be harder to come off. Another bit of advice from another doctor was that I should mix it up -- that my body is used to the movement of cycling and it needs new challenges.

So maybe, now is as good a time as any to act seriously about shedding the extra weight. And maybe anticipated weigh-ins and the lure of prize money can entice me to stay on board with a program.

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